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Valentine's Day

Delicious Valentine's Day gifts!

Scroll down to see the menu and order.

For collection SUNDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2022

Between 10am-2pm

PhotoRoom_20220120_13913 pm_edited.jpg
PhotoRoom_20220120_13913 pm_edited.jpg

Cake Heart

This cake heart serves approx 8 portions

and is available in chocolate, vanilla or red velvet.



4 cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.



Cake pops

Three cake pops.

One chocolate, one vanilla and one red velvet. 


IMG_5427 2.JPG
PhotoRoom_20220120_14521 pm_edited.png

Drip cake 

This is a 4 inch drip, available in either Victoria sponge, chocolate or red velvet. 

Serves approx 6 portions.


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